‚ÄčGood morning Remi,
I just wanted to take this time to express our appreciation for the wonderful experience my son had on your Spring HBCU Tour.  I must admit, my husband and I were a little apprehensive about sending him on the tour as we didn't know much about you or your organization. However, your quick responses to our questions and willingness to openly communicate with us and provide detailed information put our minds at ease.  My son and his friends had a ball!!!  You exposed them to schools they hadn't even considered and are now interested in attending.  Not to mention the historical monuments! It was an experience they will never forget and we're very pleased we made that investment in our son's bright future!
-Mrs. Kecia Milliner (parent)

Thanks for everything!  The tour has taught me so much and has put my mind at ease about college.  I used to be so worried...now I'm just excited to start the next chapter of my life.
-Mourgan Banks (two year tour student)

Mrs. Montgomery,
First and foremost, thank you for allowing the students an opportunity to be a part of this wonderful tour.  I know that Kariah was greatly impacted by this trip and has not stopped talking abut her experience since you all returned home.  It definitely opened her eyes to the possibilities that are waiting for her at a HBCU, but she also talked about the tremendous impact visiting the monuments and learning about HER history had on her.  I love the exposure the students are afforded on the trip and look forward to letting my other two kids participate in the near future.  Thank you so much!
-Mr. David Williams, Ed.D. (parent)

Mrs. Montgomery,

I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Cameron said he had a wonderful time and even networked with the head coach at Faulkner University.  He went to a Kentucky State football game back in the Fall and it really opened his eyes.  He also has received interest from Harvard.  I am very proud of the young man he is.  Oh, and he had the nerve to pick up a new friend (girl) that was also on the tour.  Again, thank you for everything.  You are amazing!

-Mrs. Stephanie Childress (parent)

Good Evening!  I am reaching out to you to say thank you!  Jazlyn was positively impacted by the HBCU College Tour last year.  As a result, she only wanted to apply to HBCUs.  Every HBCU she applied to, SHE WAS ACCEPTED!  You are a blessing and continue showing our babies what this world has to offer.

-Mrs. Jevona Williams (parent)